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What is Resysmo
Why Resysmo


What is Resysmo?

Resysmo is a tool to monitor performance counters on a WindowsNT/2000/XP machine, either the local machine or a remote PC somewhere on the network. It can monitor things like CPU usage, network throughput, memory usage, disk throughput etc.
You can see these values on the Resysmo panel, but optionally also on the Icon Tray or (onboard) Epox P80P. An example of a mainboard with this feature on-board is the Epox 8K7A. You can see the P80P-digits on the lower right corner of the image.

Why Resysmo?

There are many tools like Resysmo, and like Resysmo, many are freeware. However, Resysmo has some features others don't have:


Counter value tab, showing the list of the counters with their values:

counter values

A Counter tab, where you can select the performance counter and decide how to show the information:

counter settings

The icon tray (Enlarged to 200%), with 4 counters:

icon tray

NEW! A short movie of the output on a onboard P80P:


download movie (363KB)

Explanation of the numbers: 0a, 0b, 0c and 0d indicate the counter-numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. After the counter number, Resysmo displays the current value of the counter.


System requirements: download Resymo v1.0.1 (FREEWARE, 40KB, CABinet archive, extractable with just about any ZIP-utility for Windows)


If you have questions, please read the information on the "info" tab of the Resysmo panel. Do not send feature requests, as I have plenty of ideas myself but no time to implement them. If you find bugs, I will look at them and perhaps fix them.
You can contact me on


Resysmo v1.0.1 by Nexxennium
Copyright © 2002 by Randy Simons (
WinIO routines and driver Copyright © 1998-2002 Yariv Kaplan (
All rights reserved. this software is provide "AS IS", there is no warranty. Use it at own risk. The author cannot be held responsible for any damage and/or financial loss caused by this software.

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